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Bulletin board services (BBS) have become The internet's watering hole. While many bbs are topic/forum based, a few serve as a place to meet and greet. Not quite a chatroom, as they often lack "real time" response they are still a fun and interesting way to meet a new network of friends and family. I run my own "chat" board and also particiapte on the boards of several of my friends. We have developed more than just a network of mutual interests, but a bond of friendship.

Bear with me as I totally revamp this page to reflect my changing interests! Why the new changes? Well after five years, and many challenges, I have decided to use what I have learned while managing BBS and to focus on extending my web presence thru websites. I would like to extend a heartfelt "THANK YOU" to the hundreds of people I have met while online. I have made many friends as well, some gone, but not forgotten. To me that is the best thing about the internet; to meet so many and to have an affect on their lives, as much as they affected mine.
I hope with this new focus the magic can continue.

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